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Business-Managed Democracy

“Business-managed democracies are those in which the political and cultural arrangements are managed in the interests of business”

Sharon Beder

Business-Managed Education

Direct Advertising in Schools

Increasingly schools are selling themselves as sites for advertising, which is appearing on sporting scoreboards, in hallways, on gymnasium floors, on bulletin boards, on school stationary and equipment, on school buses, on school reports and even on rooftops.

Businesses use schools to advertise their products to schools in various ways:

Naming Rights BroadcastingComputer/Internet Field Trips/Theatre Book Covers Other Advertising

McDonalds advertising on school report


USA reference school bus advertising

US schools receive an estimated $750 million each year from advertising snack and processed foods and drinks.


All school districts display corporate advertising.

reference Advertising is allowed on school buses in several states and more are considering it because of budget shortfalls.

reference 60 percent of posters and signs in Californian schools in 2006 were for junk food and sugary drinks. Just over half the year books and the school newspapers carried advertisements for food and beverages.

reference A 2004 survey of youth marketers found that three quarters of them expected to see even more advertising in US schools in future.
Canada reference 54 percent of secondary schools have some form of advertising in or on the school, particularly in hallways, cafeterias and on school supplies and team uniforms, and 22 percent have sold space in the school to advertisers. In particular, Coca-Cola and Pepsi advertisements are often found on scoreboards, clocks, banners, schools signs, gym equipment as well as beverage vending machines.
Australia reference Kraft graphic

Corporate logos began appearing on school reports and letterheads in Australia in the late 1980s – even McDonald’s logos on school uniforms in one case.


Woodchip giant TPFH had its logo on the school newsletter of a Tasmanian school.

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European Schools


A European Commission report from the 1990s found that advertising exists in schools throughout Europe, regardless of whether it has been banned as in Belgium, France and Germany or is unregulated as in the UK, the Netherlands, and Ireland. The report claimed that schools benefited from “the penetration of marketing into schools” because it provided resources and even some educational value in that it exposes school children to the world of business and advertising techniques.


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