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Business-Managed Democracy

“Business-managed democracies are those in which the political and cultural arrangements are managed in the interests of business”

Sharon Beder

Business-Managed Education

Academy Specialities

The table below shows that academies opened by 2006 mainly specialised in business/enterprise (50 percent of them), sport or ICT (information and communications technology) and their sponsors tend to be either religious organizations, businesses, businessmen or foundations. Even when there were over 200 In 2010, some 40 percent specialised in business or enterprise (see Current Projects).

Academy Specialism Sponsor
Business Academy, Bexley Business and enterprise Sir David Garrard, Chair Garrard Education Trust
Greig City Academy, Haringey ICT The Greig Trust and the Church of England
Unity City Academy, East Middlesbrough ICT Amey plc
Capital City Academy, Brent Sports Sir Frank Lowe
City Academy, Bristol Sports J. Laycock, Bristol Football clubUni. of the West of England, Bristol Business West
West London Academy, Ealing Sports and enterprise Alec Reed, founder and chair of Reed Executive plc
Djanogly City Academy, Nottingham ICT
City of London Academy, Southwark Business and enterprise Corporation of London
Academy of Peckham, Southwark Business and performing arts Lord Harris of Peckham
Walsall City Academy Technology The Mercers’ Company, Thomas Telford Online
London Academy, Barnet Business, enterprise and technology Peter Shalson, Chari of SCI Ltd (venture capital)
Mossbourne Community Academy, Hackney Technology Clive Bourne, president of Seabourne Group plc
Stockley Academy, Hillingdon Science and technology Barry Townsley, Insinger Townsely (stockbrokers) + others
Lambeth Academy,Lambeth Business, enterprise and language United Learning Trust (The Church Schools Company)
Northampton Academy, Northampton Sports and business and enterprise United Learning Trust (The Church Schools Company)
Manchester Academy, Manchester Business and enterprise United Learning Trust, Manchester Science Park
Salford City Academy, Salford Sport with business and enterprise United Learning Trust,Manchester Diocese
Trinity Academy, Doncaster Business and enterprise Sir Peter Vardy (Emmanuel Schools’ Foundation)
Kings Academy, Middlesbrough Business and enterprise Emmanuel Schools Foundation
St Paul’s Academy,Greenwich Sports and enterprise Roman Catholic Diocese of Southwark
Marlowe Academy, Kent Business and performing arts Roger De HaanKent County CouncilPfizer
Harefield Academy, Hillingdon Sport, health and wellbeing Four businessmen
Habersdashers Aske’s Knights Academy, Lewisham Sport, ICT Haberdashers Livery Company
Dixons City Academy, Bradford Performing arts, Product design
Academy of St. Francis Assisi, Liverpool Environment Anglican Diocese of LiverpoolRoman Catholic Diocese of Liverpool
Macmillan Academy, West Middlesbrough Science and PE and Outdoor Education
Source: ‘The Standards Site: Academies Welcome’, Department for Education and Skills, accessed 22 July 2006.

If you have any examples or updates you would like to contribute please email them to me and I will add them here. Please give references for where you sourced the information.