Role of Government

Sydney Water Corporation (SWC)

Statutory responsibilities:

Under the SWC Act, Sydney Water Corporation Limited has a number of obligations imposed upon it comprising both statutory obligations of a general nature and particular statutory obligations in connection with the lands, the subject of the Leases.

General Statutory Obligations

The objectives of Sydney Water Corporation are contained in part 6 of the Water Board (Corporatisation) Act. Section 21(1) of the Act lists the principle objectives of the Corporation relevantly to the Wingecarribee Swamp two of those are respectively to protect the environment by conducting its operation in compliance with the principles of ecologically sustainable development contained in Section 6(2) of the Protection of the Environment Administration Act 1991 and to protect public health by supplying safe drinking water to its customers and other members of the public in compliance with the requirements of any Operating Licence. Additionally Section 22 of the Water Board (Corporatisation) Act imposes two special objectives upon the Corporation - a) to reduce risks to human health and b) to prevent degradation of the environment. A further and equally ranked objective of the Corporation is to be a successful business.

Wingecarribee Swamp

The Water Board (Corporatisation) Act, 1994, Section 12(1) empowered the Governor of New South Wales to grant one or more operating licences to enable Sydney Water Corporation to carry out in accordance with the said Act, various functions and to provide systems and services storing or supplying water, sewerage and related matters. Accordingly, on 21st December, 1994, the Governor of New South Wales granted an operating licence to SWC under Section 12. (See Annexure 11 )

Clause 5.23 of that licence imposed an obligation on SWC to complete the development of a joint plan with National Parks and Wildlife Service for the management of areas known as the Wingecarribee Swamp. The joint plan was on 10th February, 1997, adopted by SWC and forwarded to the National Parks and Wildlife Service for adoption.

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Sydney Water Corporation Ltd, Mine Warden Inquiry, Submission 1997.

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