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Professor Sharon Beder
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for the

Robertson Environment Protection Society (REPS)
PO Box 45, Robertson, NSW 2577

Information was provided by
David and Helen Tranter

from Robertson Environment Protection Society

and John Dorman
from the National Parks Association (NPA)

and the submissions to the Warden's Inquiry into the renewal of mining leases were an invaluable aid.

The project was made possible through a donation from
Mori Gallery
168 Day St, Sydney 2000
Telephone (02) 9283 2903 Fax (02) 9283 2909

Mori Gallery's contribution came from the Wingecarribee Swamp Fundraising Exhibition (April 2000) curated by Phillip Kodela Phd, Stephen Mori and Toni Warburton, assisted by Luke Parker, David Tranter and Chris Ward.

A percentage from sales of work was donated by participating artists:

Kyle Ashpole, Jay Balbi, Jenny Bell, Simon Blau, Rene Boutin, JD Briggs, Jane Campion, Jackie Coates, Melissa Coote, Shane Cotton, Cassandra Daw, Caroline Dearson, Dennis Del Favero, Judith Duquemin, Leo Engelen, Peter Fay, Lynne Flemons, Adam Geczy, Michael Green, Jean Hartman, Scott Hayes, Louise Hearman, Tim Johnson, David Jolly, Narelle Jubelin, Susan Laurent, Fiona MacDonald, Fleur MacDonald, Tempe MacGowan, Tim Maguire, Minna, Dennis Mizzi, Charles Mori, Susan Norrie, Ani O'Neill, Daniel Ormella, Raquel Ormella, Anders Ousback, Luke Parker, Simone Patterson, Francis Peck, Sue Pedley, Elizabeth Pulie, Robert Pulie, David Rhys, Amanda Robbins, Catherine Rogers, Emma Rooney, Anne Louise Rowe, Paul Saint, Mary Shackman, Steve Smith, Sangeeta Sandrasegar, Michael Snape, Olivia Tam, My Le Thi, Jocah Trecoul, Laura van Tatenhove, Victoria & Marnie, Savanhdary Vongpoothorn, Regina Walter, Toni Warburton, Judy Watson, Sharon Whittle.

The exhibition was sponsored by Breakout Design and Print and Wilderness Wines.

Contextual scientific and environmental information and visual material for the fundraising exhibition were provided by:

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Sydney Catchment Authority, Sydney Water, NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation, Environment Australia, Cocopeat, The National Trust, National Parks Association of NSW, Robertson Environment Protection Society Inc. ABC Television.

This site has been designed, researched and produced by Sharon Beder

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