What Is Pindone?

pindone formulaPindone is a poison used in Australia to kill rabbits and in New Zealand to kill rabbits and possums and sometimes wallabies as well. Pindone is normally added to oats or carrots baits, which kill animals by causing them to bleed internally:

Pindone is a first-generation anticoagulant that acts by blocking the synthesis of vitamin K-dependant clotting factors, which causes fatal haemorrhages in susceptible animals. Poisoning with pindone can occur with a large single dose, but it is more effective when given as a series of smaller doses over a period of 4 to 12 days. (Sharp and Saunders 2004a)

laying pindone baitsThere are two poisons normally used for killing rabbits in Australia; pindone and 1080. Neither pindone nor 1080 are target-specific and can readily kill other animals, including humans, pets and wildlife. 1080 is used as the preferred poison in rural areas because it kills target animals more quickly. However, pindone is used in urban and urban-fringe areas because its slower killing time, and the availability of an antidote, make it less dangerous to use around humans and pets.

Pindone causes rabbits to suffer a slow and painful death and is also likely to kill non-target species including native wildlife such as kangaroos, wallabies, antechinus, possums and bandicoots. Animals and birds that eat dying rabbits or rabbit carcasses, including eagles and owls, are also at risk.

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