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Sydney Survey Results

Retailer information about CCA-treated timber

Are there alternatives to CCA-treated timber?

Hardware store A Yes- LOSP (provided leaflet). Both CCA and LOSP are stocked. Suggested using cement or fibro sheeting or hardwood for a chemical-free alternative.
Hardware store B Yes- ‘depends on price and look’
Treated timber yard A Yes- but not for in-ground use
Treated timber yard B Yes- but not for in-ground use. Have LOSP for decking and handrails, but ‘CCA last much longer’
Timber yard A Yes- recommended green hardwood painted with creosote.
Timber yard B Yes- they sell a waxed product preserved using copper- the ‘only place to use waxing in Australia’
Timber yard C Yes- but hardwood is difficult to work with (too hard) for a cubby house, and LOSP is a very expensive product compared to CCA
Timber treatment company Yes- the copper-based preservatives are 30% more expensive and thus there’s minimal interest and has to be imported.
Playset manufacturer Not really- LOSP is for above-ground use only, doesn’t come in logs and ‘the fumes make me feel crook.’
Timber company Yes- durable hardwood, such as cypress pine that is raw aboveground or painted with a non-As preservative in ground
LOSP = Liquid Organic Solvent Preservative

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