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Retailer information about CCA-treated timber

Is CCA-treated timber safe for kids' cubby houses?

Hardware store A Yes
Hardware store B Yes
Treated timber yard A Yes- but suggested sealing it with acrylic paint
Treated timber yard B Yes- cubby house kits available
Timber yard A No- warned against children using it and mentioned staining on hands and gloves when stacking in shop
Timber yard B No- instead they sell a waxed product preserved using copper, and rec’d painting or oiling it to protect from sun damage.
Timber yard C No-no longer stock cubby house kits as CCA is ‘no longer rec’d for kids’ playgrounds’
Timber treatment company Yes- but rec’ds sealing it with a stain or paint to prevent weathering
Playset manufacturer Yes- ‘I’ve worked with it every day for 25 years. I don’t worry about it. I mean, I don’t wash my hands before I eat my sandwich or anything’
Timber company No- suggested finding an alternative product OR paint it with an oil-based primer and then an acrylic paint

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