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Sydney Survey Results

Retailer information about CCA-treated timber

Is Arsenic from CCA-treated timber a danger?

Hardware store A No- ‘treated timber is not as bad as it used to be’ (and provided a leaflet for LOSP but without explaining the difference)
Hardware store B No- CCA ‘must be all right because they build cubbies out of them’
Treated timber yard A -
Treated timber yard B No- it ‘doesn’t seep out of the timber onto hands or into soil’. There is ‘no proof in the world’ that it harms health
Timber yard A Yes- warned about As in dust when cutting, coming off on hands when handling and leaching into soil.
Timber yard B Yes- but have found waxing CCA can seal to prevent leaching
Timber yard C Yes- hence don’t stock cubby house kits
Timber treatment company No- ‘it’s only a 1% solution in 99% water’
Playset manufacturer No- ‘there’s no scientific evidence to prove it’
Timber company No – ‘there’s no real proven truth yet that it does damage’
LOSP = Liquid Organic Solvent Preservative

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