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Retailer information about CCA-treated timber

Is CCA-treated timber safe for vegetable garden beds?

Hardware store A Yes- suggested painting or inserting plastic lining on the inside of the garden bed if a concern.
Hardware store B Yes
Treated timber yard A Yes- but recommended planting 100mm in from the sides to prevent plants touching
Treated timber yard B Yes- and it is expected to continue in this use post APVMA review. ‘They have done lots of soil testing’ and found no proof of leaching.
Timber yard A Yes- but only H4 level. Warned against using H2 or H3 for in-ground use, as the treatment leaches visibly into the soil.
Timber yard B No- instead they sell a waxed product preserved with copper
Timber yard C Yes- ‘there is no leaching’
Timber treatment company Yes- ‘it doesn’t leach out … it’s such a minimal amount that leaches out’
Playset manufacturer -
Timber company Yes- but plants need to be 100mm from the wood as ‘it’s possible it will leach into the soil’

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